The Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

i) Split air conditioner

The aforementioned air conditioner is named as such because it consists of two units. The internal unit is the one with the rectangle design typically mounted on the walls. It helps to emit cool air within the interior surrounding and different temperatures can be adjusted using a remote control.

The external unit a.k.a. the condenser unit is usually installed outdoors, where its main function is to blow warm air out of the house or building.

ii) Portable air conditioner

Just like the name implies, a portable air conditioner is designed to be movable from one room to another, thanks to a set of caster wheels on the bottom. It operates as a single-unit air-conditioning system, which has a large exhaust tube or hoses to expel the hot air out of the window. A portable air conditioner is usually placed on the floor.


iii) Window air conditioner

Not to be confused with the split air conditioner, a window air conditioner operates as a single unit designed to fit or mount inside a window frame.

Alternatively, a window air conditioner can be installed by making a hole in the wall. It has an exhaust system that discharges the hot air outside while it blows cool air on the indoor side.

iv) Central air conditioner

A central air conditioner relies on the interconnected ductwork to blow cool air across multiple rooms or spaces, making it suitable for large homes. Or to be exact, the cool air comes from the supply ducts, which are semi openings covered by grills located on the ceilings, floors and walls.

v) Smart air conditioner

A smart air conditioner refers to the type of air conditioner connected to the Wi-Fi network, where it can be controlled using a native app through a smartphone. Depending on the available features, you can adjust different settings like temperature control, geofencing and weekly scheduling. The air-conditioning unit itself looks typically the same as the standard variety, which is usually mounted on the walls or windows.


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